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Norman Henry (Norm) Baker Bio

Norman is one of the most classic players of the history of basket ball.

He was born on February 17, 1923. He was one of the most famous players of his age. There was not that sophisticated equipment to super fine the game but still this man managed to perform well.

He played with limited resources but was used to put some awesome shows in the court. These were the courts of early twenties that were not as special as they look today. The basket the ball was not so fine and nice.

It was the age of development as the world was progressing through the age of development. He saw apex of his career in the year 1946- 1947 where he started his professional career by playing at high level. He was used to make moves in splendid style and was often been able to beat his rivals through his swift moves in the court.

It was the age of struggle where there was not present that sophisticated systems and technique to produce master class performers. The concept of coaching was just emerging with limited zones and it was not that advance as it is today. It was no doubt the effort of player that makes him come up as a professional.

There was not any thing special but some strenuous struggle and hard work. There were no broader academies and playing facilities, even the courts were to take on hard on players. Norman Henry could rise in that age just because of his class and excellence.

He did it with hard work and zeal and joined hands with professionals in the late 40s. Although he could not make that large but his journey to professional level was itself a great achievement for Norman. He played a single game against Chicago in 1946-47.


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