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New Zealand’s Famous Basketball Players

It is indeed true that basketball can already be a part of someone’s day to day life in New Zealand. You can see a lot of people who are fascinated just by watching their favorite basketball teams rocking the basketball courts with their deadly skills as they try to beat their opponents.
Some people can get contented just by browsing the internet about their idols while some will not miss their favorite team’s match as they watch live as one of the audience on the courtside. But wait, there is more!!! Some fanatics are also willing to spend money just by buying expensive souvenirs of their favorite basketball teams which is amazing thing.

Well, this is so normal, because just by seeing these outstanding New Zealand basketball players elicit their playing tactics and skills, you will surely grow astounded in your seats.

This article will be discussing the first batch of the great New Zealand’s Basketball players for men’s category. Here is for you:

Sean Pero MacPherson Cameron

He was New Zealand’s one of the best Professional Basketball Player. Cameron was born on the 5th of June, 1974 in the place of Tokoroa. With the height of 6 feet and 6 inches and weight of 120 kilograms, he played as the forward and used to be the captain of the Tall Blacks team of New Zealand.

He also played for the team of Gold Coast Blaze in the New Zealand Basketball League or NBL. He is also a great outside shooter and at the same time a good passer which, skills that are most often found on forwards with small built. He originally played the sport Rugby before he engaged himself to playing the professional Basketball.

He started playing for the New Zealand National Basketball League in the year 1992. During his career in the NBL, he was included in one of the top ten teams.

Because of his remarkable performance at every league he won the Most Valuable Player award for five times. And when he became the head coach of the Wellington Saints, he was regarded as the Coach of the Year. Not only that, he was always included in the top ten list of the over-all New Zealand Players which made him a very high class basketball player.

Cameron has a lot of awards received during his playing careers, these are: Rebound Champion (1993), Rookie of the Year (1992), Kiwi MVP (1993), outstanding NZ Forward for 5 consecutive years (1994-1999), Outstanding forward in the year 1998 and the All-star Five in the year 1994-1999 and 2001.

Cameron has also garnered multiple Honors: one is the Sparc Leadership Award in 2003 and another is the Maori Sportsman of the year in 2002.

Dillon Boucher

He was born on the 27th of December, 1975 in New Plymouth, NZ. He is a small forward professional basketball player who plays for New Zealand National Basketball Team. He is known as a poor shooter but a good point scorer.

However, he has gained recognition for his great rebounding skills, his leadership and commitment and his force steal ability was also one of his key talents. He has played for the team New Zealand Breakers during the Australian National Basketball League from its inauguration in the year 2003 up to the year 2005. After which, he signed for the Perth Wildcats also a contender for the Australian NBL for the 2005 to 2006 season.

Boucher played for the Auckland Stars a team contender for the New Zealand NBL, but before the said team, he has also played for the Waikato Titans. He is also a current member of the New Zealand’s Representative, Tall Blacks for the International Competitions.


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