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New Jersey Stadium

Where do NBA basketball teams play? Where do people go to watch their idols play basketball?

Yes, you’re right. It is in the stadiums. The stadium is where the basketball teams face and play against each other. It is where people go, and pay for tickets, just to watch their favorite player or their favorite team play. Thus, stadiums are important too. They also carry the teams’ name because every team is associated with a specific stadium. The real question is where is the New Jersey Stadium?


The Izod Center, formerly known as the Brendan Byrne Arena and Continental Airlines Arena has been the home of the New Jersey Nets of the National Basketball Association and the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League since 1981 until they transferred to another New Jersey Stadium lately.

The Izod Center is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Its architecture features sharp, cantilevered corners which also serve as the entrance gates. The Izod Center can accommodate a maximum of 20,000 people.

The Arena can be used for Sports, Concerts and other events. In terms of sports, there have been many events in history that occurred in the Arena, the events are the following: the three Stanley Cups that the New Jersey Devils have won, the two NBA Finals appearance of the New Jersey Nets, the NBA All-Star game in 1982, the NHL All-Star game in 1984 and the NCAA Men’s Final Four in 1996. In terms of concerts, the Arena has been the venue of many concerts. It boasts a state-of-the art acoustical structure designed to provide audiences with excellent sound and an optimum view no matter where they’re seated.


The Izod Center has been the New Jersey Stadium until recently. The New Jersey Nets are going to play in the Prudential Center or “the Rock” located in Newark, New Jersey while their future New Jersey Stadium, the Barclays Center, is still under construction. The Nets left the Izod Center in 2010, and they will use the Prudential Center for the next two seasons, until the Barclays Center opens in 2012.

The Prudential Center can occupy 17,625 people for hockey and 18,500 people for basketball. The Center provides a large array of facilities and amenities. They have 76 luxury suites available, which is the largest in America. Their eight-sided score board is equipped with high-definition video displays and there are also 750 flat-screen televisions across the arena.


The New Jersey Nets’ stay in the Prudential Center will end as soon as the Barclays Center construction is finished, which is said to be in the year 2012. The Barclays Center is currently under construction in Brooklyn, New York City.

The construction of the arena was first announced in 2006; however there were a lot of issues which resulted to the delay of the construction. Everybody is excited for the new New Jersey Nets. The owners are new, the major owner is Mikhail Prokhorov, also including the rapper Jay-Z, the coach and the assistant coach are new, and the New Jersey Stadium is new, will the season 2012-2013 be the lucky season for the Nets?


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