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Nate Archibald Bio

Nathaniel “Nate” Archibald was born on September 2, 1948. He is a retired professional basketball player of America.

He was a very famous player of NBA. Nate spent 14 years of his career in NBA. He was a famous player of point guard position. He was a player with normal height of about six feet and one inches and weight of about 150 lbs or 68 kilo grams. He was a brilliant shooter in his team he was perfect in shooting from midrange position.

He was a player who got such fame because he had born abilities to play basketball at international level. He was very sharp player and had many other abilities like he was quick in blocking and was enough good to support his team’s forward players.

Like many other professional players in the world, Nate also started his educational career in a High School. He was good player as well I the start of his educational career. He was a student of DeWitt Clinton High School.

He was a player of basketball since his childhood. Nate got a chance to play basketball for his school’s basketball team; Nate availed that chance and played basketball for his school’s basketball team.

Nate was known as best player in hi school after his some great performances in his team. He was most trusted player in his school’s basketball team. He was a brilliant performer and outstanding player in his school’s team. When Nate joined a college for advance education he was also selected in his college’s basketball team. He was known as a good player of basketball in his university.
Nate started h is professional career when he was selected by Cincinnati Royals in 1970 NBA draft. He has also played for some other NBA teams. He never played for any team other than NBA during his entire professional career. His career was ended in 1984.


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