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Muhammad Abdul-Rauf Bio

Abdul-Rauf was born in Gulfport in Mississippi on March 9 1969. He was a great basketball player of America.

When he was born his name was Chris Jackson afterwards he changed his name form Chris Jackson to Muhammad Abdul-Rauf when converted into Islam. He was a very famous player of his age and was an international level player during his career. He spent his high school career in Gulfport.

He has a height of six feet and weight about 73 kilo grams. He started his basketball career in the university of Louisiana State University.

HE started his professional basketball career when he was selected for third pick of NBA (national basketball association) by the team of Denver Nuggets. He worked with this team playing his best basketball since 1995 and was a key player of Denver Nuggets during his career.

He won Most improved player award in 1993. He was later joined the team of Sacramento Kings and after that he also played for Vancouver Grizzlies. He led the lead in a few thorough percentages in 1996 and 1994. After leaving NBA he played professional basketball in Europe. He also proved his worth in Europe and played his best basketball over there by giving many victories and records to his teams. He retired from there at the end of 2004-2005 seasons.

For the season of 2006-2007 he came out of retirement and decided to play his professional basketball again so he played for Aris Thessaloniki.

He played very well during this season wining a large number of games and making his team more and more popular on international basketball image He afterwards made a contract with Japanese BJ league of basketball and played for them providing them all his best services as a great player. HE now plays for Kyoto Hannaryz in the Japanese BJ league.


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