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Milos Babic Bio

Milos babic was born on Nov 23 in 1968 in kralijevo Serbia. He has loved playing basket ball right from his child hood and emerged later as professional in his child hood.

He started playing basketball from his child hood and continued to shine at his college career. He started his college career at Tennessee technological university there in Cookeville. He played three seasons as a collegiate of Tennessee University and make lots of memorable marks.

His excellence in the court makes him get selected in phoenix suns during his second playing season. Although his career does not proceed on to a longer length but still in that shorter period of time he made lots of memorable points while shooting from the court. He was a force in the centre as well as in forward positions. He is no doubt a legend among the classic players of the basket ball history.

Milos Babic played three seasons at his college and played two seasons at professional level. He played his three seasons during the late eighties, starting from 1987 and ending at 1990s. He played at a nice average during his all three careers and it was his college career performance that makes him earn a place in the phoenix suns in his second round.

He was among the 50th pick of the overall NBA drafting. He was later got traded to the Cleveland cavaliers almost at the day of drafting.

Milos babic played for two seasons at his professional levels. He started with Cleveland cavaliers and carried on with Miami heat, Milos played 21 games in total during his two professional careers. Milos did it at a handsome average of 1.8 points per game, 1.0 rebound per game in 4.1 minutes per game.

Milos was no doubt one of the best performers of the history of basket ball and will be remembered for his performances in the court.