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Michael J Barr Bio

Michael is one of the former American basketball players who born on 19th of October 1950. He was one of the most competitive players of his ages and was used to give tough time to his rivals.

He did not have that long history of playing basketball at professional level but he did marvelously well in his short career that he played in shorter span of time. He was a talented person of his ages without any exaggeration who did pretty well in the court of basket ball at any occasions.

He showed some great talent right from his childhood as he was used to make some awesome moves in the basket ball court from his teenage. He was also well groomed and supported by his family to become a professional of his times as he was always well supported by his family members at every stair of his career. It was no doubt his family support that makes him grow higher and go higher in his career.

Michael grew like a star from his childhood as he played better basketball during his school career. He led his team on most of the occasions by performing like a master of the court. he did it many occasions by leading from the front and performing like a professional, he was often praised by his fellows and well appreciated by his coaches.

He carried his form to his collegiate career at Duquesne. He played blistering basket ball at his college level as well and make a history at Duquesne as well.

He did that with high class performances and fabulous shows in the court. he started his career in 1976 while playing for Kansas city where he played a total of 73 games. He played better games by putting some superb performances but the things just fluctuate a bit for him. Michael however ended at remarkable career average of 3.9 points per game.


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