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Michael Anderson Bio

Michael Levin Anderson was born on March 23, 1966 in Philadelphia located in the state of Pennsylvania.

He was a professional basketball player of America. He was a player of basketball with less height than other basketball players but his talent and passion had no match. He was man with five feet and eleven inches and 184 pounds weight. Michael has a long professional career and a list of victories and achievements.

He started his professional career in 1988 and ended in 2002. His educational career was started in Carver High School. He was not a brilliant student in his college but he was a brilliant performer during his school career. His interest in basketball and passion made him good enough to play for his school’s basketball team.

He became a main player for his school’s basketball team due to his brilliant performances in almost all matches he played in his school’s basketball team. After his school studies Michael started his advanced studies in Drexel College. He became a well named player in his college due to his performance in his team. He became back bone of his team after his performance in the college.

Michael was known as a great player of basketball I his college and he was very popular among his all college mates. Michael started his professional career when he was drafted by Indiana Pacers in 1988 NBA draft. He played for the same team for almost one year and than he was selected by other teams in NBA.

He was a best player of Guard position during his career. Michael has played for many other NBA teams. He has also played for teams other than NBA. Michael has also played in Turkey, Spain and Greek. During his professional career Michael won many awards and prizes. His career was ended in 2002 when he was playing for Pennsylvania ValleyDawgs.


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