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Michael Adams Bio

Michael Adams was born on January 19 in 1963. He was born in Hartford a city in Connecticut located in United States.

He is a former basketball player of NBA. Adams was a player of guard position; he was a player of this position at the start of his career.

Adams was five feet and 10 inches tall and weighed 162 lbs or 73 kilo grams. He was born in United so he has American nationality. Adams started his educational career in Hartford public school in Hartford city. He played for his school basketball team and he was a very good player of basketball since his early age.

He was very fond of basketball since his early age and in the school due to his passion and hard work he made his name as good player. HE was a senior player of his school basketball team. He joined Boston College for further education and for further improvement in his interested game basketball. He played as a point guard in his college basketball team and he was perfect for this position.

By his performance he proved that he was a great player and was considered as main player of college basketball team. Adams was selected by The Sacramento Kings in 1985 NBA draft. He was known as point guard specialist due to his perfection in his job.

He was a very hard working and passionate player and was perfect in his game even he had less height then many other basketball players. Adams played for many NBA teams in his career and performed very well. He made his teams win many times due to his consistent and fabulous performance.
Due to his hard work during his career he scored 9,621 points and 4,209. Adams retired in 1996 when he was playing for Charlotte Hornets.


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