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Maurice Baker Bio

Maurice baker is one of the former classic American players of basket ball.

He was born on July 28, 1979 and grew up like a star in the history of basket ball. He makes his mark by joining the professionals through his hard work and zeal. This man always has some awesome passion and compassion for the game of basket ball.

He was unstoppable right from his childhood as when he was used to start slowly but always ended at high notes. This is also true in his struggle toward making an entry in the professional world. He started of slowly and later joined the professional through his sharp performance.

This child grew to a six feet plus height and always gives the impression to be born for basketball. He played in fantastic fashion right from his childhood and carried in his form toward the college career where he ultimately impressed every one through his formidable and convincing show.

Maurice did not played that big season under NBA draft but this man make his way to ward that land mark with consistency and commitment. He started of slowly but moves on sharp toward associating with professionals. He smartly did it through his commendable performance in the court. Although his smaller career does not have that big records to show off but still enough to show of his class and style.

He did a lot at college as well as pro career games. He joined hands with Dakota wizards in NBA development league being a point guard. He graduated from Oklahoma state university and this was ofcourse Oklahoma that paved a way for this man toward the professional world.

Maurice played with splendid form at Oklahoma impressing every one with his master class performance. It seems to be glimpses of sharp play. He also spent some time with Los Angeles clippers and Portland trail blazers after his graduation.


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