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Martynas Andriuskevicius Bio

Martynas Andriuškevičius is a Lithuanian professional player of basketball. Martynas was born in Kaunas located in Lithuanian in Soviet Union. He was born on March 12, 1986.

He is famous player of international level. Martynas has played for many teams in different leagues present in the world. He is a professional player of Centre position with a height of seven feet and two inches or about 2.18 meters and weight of 240 pounds or 109 kilo grams. He is a professional NAB player with Lithuanian Nationality. Martynas started his educational career in a High School.

He was interested in basketball since his school career. He interest and passion in basketball led him to play for his school’s basketball team.

His performance in his school was brilliant due to his extreme interest in basketball. After the completion of his school studies Martynas joined a college for further advance education in his field. During his career in his college Martynas got a chance to play for his college’s basketball team.

He played for his college and performed as best as he could. He was a very famous player due to his good height and strong muscles. Martynas was known as most trusted player in his team due to his consistent performance.

Martynas started his professional career in a basketball club in 2003. Before joining NBA Martynas played for many teams in many clubs. His performance in the clubs was brilliant.

He was a famous player of basketball during his club career. Martynas joined NBA in 2006 when he was traded by Chicago Bulls for swingman. During his starting year in NBA on December 21 Martynas got a serious head injury during a practice session, his skull was fractured.
He was declared fit in next year by doctors and he begun to play for Chicago Bulls. After that he had played or many other teams in NBA and other than NBA. Currently he is playing in Meridiano Alicante in Spain.


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