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Mark Alarie Bio

Mark Alarie was born in Phoenix located in Arizona so he has American nationality. He was born on December 11, 1963. His full name was Mark Steven Alarie.

He is a former basketball player of United States. He was a tall basketball player of about 6 feet and 7 inches and had a weight round about 217 lbs or 98 kilo grams. He was a player with born abilities.

In his very young age he was very interested in basketball. His interest made him a good player in his school. He was a god student of Brophy college Preparatory. He was a good player of basketball in his school.

Due to his born abilities and interest in basketball he was selected in school’s basketball team to play for his school. He performed awesome during many tournaments in his school. He won many matches for his school basketball team and some tournaments also.

He won awards in his school also; He won Arizona Player of the year award for 1982. And after his success in school he made his way to university and carried his success on fir the university’s basketball team.

He was a main player of his college’s basketball team. He was a student of Duke University. After his admission in Duke University, he was selected for the basketball team of University due to his extreme passion and interest in basketball.

He played very well for his University’s basketball team and won many matches or his university by his outstanding performances in many of the matches he played. He was a major and important player of basketball for his University.

His professional career was started in 1986 when he was selected by Denver Nugget in the 1st round of 18th pick of 1986 NBA draft. He was retired in 1991 when he was playing for Washington Bullets.


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