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Mark Aguirre Bio

Mark Aguirre is a former basketball player of United States. He was born on December 10, 1959. He was a player of NBA.

His career was started in 1981 and ended in 1994. He was a very famous player during his career. During his professional career he won two championships.

He also won many other awards such as he was three times All-star for Dallas Mavericks, a team of NBA. Like many other player of the history Mark Aguirre was also started his educational career in the school. He was a student of Westinghouse high school.

He was interested in playing basketball since his early age. He was a good player since his childhood and after his school life he carried his interest in college and played for college basketball team.

He was admitted in DePaul University. He played in university’s basketball team very well and made his name as a brilliant player in basketball at university level. He also many prizes while studying in university. He was a player of small forward position during his start of professional basketball career in the university life.

And after in the professional life he proved that he is perfect for this position, he made his goodwill and name with his performance and hard work. HE was drafted in NBA (National Basketball Association) in 1981.

He started his professional career as a basketball player of America in 1981 when he was selected by Dallas Mavericks in first round of 1981 NBA draft.

During his career he only played in NBA and never gone in any outside league to play for any other team. In his career he played for some other teams also, he also played for Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers in 1993. He was retired in 1994 when he was playing for Los Angeles Clippers.


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