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Mark Acres Bio

Mark Acres was born on November 15, 1962 in a city of California name, Inglewood in United States.

His full name was Mark Richard Acres. He is a retired professional basketball player of America. He was a tall player of basketball with a height of six feet and eleven inches, and he has a weight of 220 lbs or 100 kilo grams.

He was a very popular and famous basketball player during his career and was very good in his basketball playing. He played at the position of forward or sometimes he also played at centre position according to the requirements of the team in th match. He started his educational career with the school named as Palos Verdes high school.

He was a good player of basketball during his school career because he played for his school basket ball team. He was a very good player in his young age and liked by many professional basketball players and team guides and other teacher due to his born abilities in the basketball.

After the completion of his high school studies he moved in the university for further studies and to build career as a basketball player.

The name of his college was Oral Roberts. He played for the team of his college’s basketball and proved his worth over there he was very good in the field due to his sharp mind and other abilities he made his way in NBA (National Basketball Association) in 1985.

He was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of 1985 NBA draft. During his basketball career in NAB he played for many other teams. He played for Diverse Varese which is in Italy and he also played in France for Mariembourg. He won prizes also during his career he won Horizon league player award and also McDonald’s All American award in 1981. So he was a good basketball player.

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i had acres for p.e. from 6th-8th grade Class of 2009, and i know that he is a nice guy never gets in anyone’s way and walking around the school you can …


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