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Marcus Banks Bio

Marcus bank is one of the retired American basket ball players who finished his career in the year 2011, full name is Lemarcus Banks III, He was born on 19th of November 1981 and grew up to become a professional basket ball player.

He seems to be born to play basketball as his physique was supportive to the game of basket ball. He grew tall from his teenage and went on to play in the court of basket and ball where he provided some awesome shows to his fans and spectators.

He was no doubt one of the remarkable players of his age who will remain fresh in the history of basket ball in America. He played like a professional even before the start of his professional career. Marcus was used to perform well within the professional standards and that make him earn lot of appreciation and applause and praise from the seniors of his times.

This was ofcourse his remarkable performances that make him get on top among his fellow. He went on to play at higher levels later after his nice show prior to his career.

Marcus was having lot of opportunities to play after getting offers from various entities but he chose to lay with UNLV because he wanted to stay near to his family and wanted to see his playing him at the court.

He is one of the soft hearted personalities who always loved to work for his underprivileged community. He played four collegiate seasons which includes his participation with university of Nevada. Las Vegas and two season for Dixie state college.

He played with nice average during all of his four college season, the places and teams were different but the performance of Marcus was almost the same at both of his careers. He also played thirteen playoff games at an average of 4.2 points per game, while his career average was 2.0 PPG.


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