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Malik Allen Bio

A player with fame and performance under his belt, full name Malik Omar Allen and is called by the nick name “leek”…

He started playing basket ball from his school levels but he earned the name during his play at college levels where he shined as a professional basket ball player. Although he was a student of communication at Villanova but he was used to communicate rather well during the game.

Malik Allen appeared 125 games which also includes 93 starts during his sojourn of four years at Villanova. Has an average of 9.0 points with 5.7 rebound rate of shooting.

Lead the wild cats with the point average of 14.2, 7.4 rebound rate and 1.88 blocks. He completed his studies and finished his career at Villanova on a high note of 1,131 points with 708 rebounds. It was just a finish of college career that opened new horizons for Allen to move on.

The professional career was also a blazing one for Allen as he hallmark is performance by contributing to the success of seven teams during his career. Played for Miami 2001-2005, at the start he scored at an average of 4.3 points with rebound rate of 3.2. He scored 10 plus points in four games and received first career double-double on a high note of 14 points and 11 rebounds.

He got injured later that6 cost him missing 35 games. Later in 2002-2003 he appeared in career maximum eighty games where he make a mark with scoring rate of 9.6 and 5.3 rebounds. 2004 also saw Malik in action where he scored at an average of 4.2 points and 2.6 rebounds.

Although Allen could not take his point average as high as it was but here he scored his career high 14 plus scores. He played a total of 36 games toward the end of 2004 that also moved him from Miami to Charlotte where he played 22 games. His average was 5.4 point with 2.8 rebounds; Malik shot .475 FG and .929 FT there.

The Chicago saw him in action from 2005-07 where he played at an average of 4.9 points in 2005 which dropped to 4.0 points in 2007. The start of 2007 takes him to begin it at New Jersey from where he traveled to Dallas.

He played 76 games in total both at New Jersey and Dallas at an average of 4.6 points and 1.3 rebounds… Shot .480 (157-327) FG and .920 (23-25) FT respectively. Malik Allen ended at 1000th point before departing to Milwaukee in 2008-09. There he played at an Average of 3.2 points and 2.1 rebounds in 49 games (three starts). Appeared in his 400th career game against Boston and grabbed seven rebounds.

He scored 10+ points 87 times and 20+ points four times during his career so for… he also recorded posting of 6 double-double in his career with 10+ rebounds in 8 career games.10+ points 87 times and 20+ points four times during his career … Has pulled down 10+ rebounds in eight career games, while having posted six career double-doubles. He also has the honor of playing six playoff games.

He done well but did not have a deal from NBA, he used to play as free agent till 2008. Allen met Mrs. Kara and married her on 7/16/05 at Philadelphia, embraced first child in summer 2006 while welcomed Maya in summer 2008. Favorite restaurant Cheesecake Factory and favorite teams are Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers… wants to coach youngsters after the end of his career.


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