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Maceo Baston Bio

A former American basketball player who played remarkably well during his addition in the history of basketball playing…

He was born on 26th of May 1976. He was one of the most conventional players f the American basketball players who played with high class temperament. He was one of the most elegant players toward the dusk of 20th century. He played marvelously well in all stints of his basketball career.

He played in splendid style from his teenage and keep his form on. Maceo was glorious player in his college career who took lot of best things under his belt in many better performances. He amazed many of his spectators during his game play at every level of his career.

He was a master class without any exaggeration. He joined Michigan University and here he showed his talent and skills in the court by playing in fabulous fashion. The younger child was now a boy of nice height and weight who was ready to take off. He played blistering basket ball career at his collegiate career.

He played nice basketball during his college career and made his team go on by making some nice contributions from his side. It was his collegiate practice that makes him shine further in is professional career. He started his professional career in 2002 and ended at 2009 but there were lot of happenings that happen in between.

There is full story and a trailer that you need to look at. He started with Toronto in 2002 by playing at 2.5 points per game in all 16 games that he played in his first season.

He was later picked by the Indiana in 2006 where he played 47 games at an average of 2.9. He later joined Toronto once again but was picked up by Indiana in 2008 again. He ended in 2009 with career average of 2.7 points per game.


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