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Lucius Allen Bio

Lucius Allen is a basketball player of U.S. His full name was Lucius Oliver Allen, Jr. Allen was born in Kansas City in Kansas located in United States.

He was born on September 26, 1947. He was a professional basketball player of National Basketball Association. He was 6 feet and 2 inches tall and weighed about 175 lbs (79 kilo grams). Allen had a good basketball career since his very early age. During his very young age he was a very good player of Basketball.

He was good enough to play against other boys of his age. He was a student of Wyandotte High School in Kansas City. He played basketball for his school’s basketball team. He was a good player of basketball in his school. Due to his interest and likeness of basketball he made his way to school’s basketball team.

He was good enough to perform as a main player of his team. He became a captain of his team and earned many points for his tam making his team win in many matches. He was also selected in his college’s basketball team due to his good playing record in his school. He was a student of UCLA. He played under the coaching of Coach John Wooden.

He followed his coach and learned many things about basketball and made victories for his team. He was an important player for his team. He made victories for his team because he was good enough to perform as a major player for his team. Due to his extraordinary performances he earned many victories for his team and for his college.

He was a player of Guard position in his team. He was drafted in NBA in 1969 by Seattle SuperSonics. He also played for other NBA teams. His career was ended in 1979.


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