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Taiwan’s Lin Chih-Chieh

Lin Chih-Chieh is a taiwanese professional basketball player born on June 11, 1982 in Hualien County Taiwan.

He is 192 cm. Or 6’3, and plays as a small forward and shooting guard position. His nickname is “The Beast” because of his intensity, explosiveness and powerful. He played for the Taiwan Beer of the Super Basketball Leagu(SBL) and won numerous awards and recognitions.

His professional career started in the year 2000 and still playing in the present. He was awarded the Most Valuable Player, two scoring champion titles and lead his team in the back-to-back SBL Championship back in 2007 and 2008. In those championships, Lin Chih-Chieh has won the MVP award and they won the series. He is selected 3 times for the All-SBL Team.He plays small forward in Taiwan, and in Mainland China, he plays as a shooting guard.

He is regarded as the Allen Iverson of Taiwan because of his excellent ballhandling skills and scoring ability and where “The Beast” nickname came from. He is making spectacular and sensational plays which caught the attention of the basketball fans in Taiwan so much. With these fascinating plays of Lin Chih-Chieh, he is known to boost his teammates morale and he became one of the most loved basketball players in Taiwan.

When he was in highschool, he started playing basketball but he is not on the basketball team. He played frequently and he was discovered by the talent scout in the Tian-mu Sports Park and became a professional basketball player. He got the highest average scores when the SBL was formed.
In September 2009, Chih-Chieh turned down Shanghai and the Zheijiang Lions signed him to a two-year contract in the Chinese Basketball Association(CBA) with a salary of $15,000 a month. He played as a shooting guard in the 2009-2010 season.

He helped the Lions reach the second round of the CBA playoffs but they are eliminated. He was allowed to return to Taiwan Beer and played for the postseason games in Super Basketball League(SBL), but was defeated by the Dacin Tigers who were the defending champions.


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