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Leo A Barnhorst Bio

He is one of the classic American basketball players who born on May 11, 1924.

This child was seems to be born in order to make a history as he started showing his intent right from his child hood. He was sued to play some blistering basket ball right from his childhood. The trend continues through out his schooling as well the collegiate career.

He did marvelously well at school and was one among the leaders of the court of basketball. But his collegiate career was even more rewarding as he played some fantastic basketball collegiate career. He was always used to lead his team with some high class performances in the court.

It was of course his collegiate career that make him go up and face the challenges of professional world. The boy becomes man and all of a sudden he grows like a real professional. He started playing some awesome basketball right from the start of his career.

He did it at every level of is career by putting some awesome shows in the court of basketball. He was an unprecedented man of is ages and will always be remembered fro his high class performances in the world of basketball. His dedicated performances and the work out for the basketball will always be remembered in a better way.

He no doubt added a new chapter in the history of basketball in America by playing in marvelous way. Barney is a hallmark and an icon, he is a man to be followed by the youngsters. His struggle toward high level game and his valuable career is exemplary for any one who is looking to boost up his game and career. He played a remarkable career where his career average remained at 9.6 PPG with 5.40 RPG.


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