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Leandro Barbosa Bio

Full name leandro mateus barbosa and is a Brazilian basketball player who played in the NBA as swift man.

He was born on 28th of November 1982 in Sao Paulo Brazil. He sued to play the guard position with the Toronto raptors in the national basketball association. He is called leandrinho is the Brazil while “The Brazilian blur” in America because of swiftness in the NBA.

He was one of the best players with nice average and performance. He married the brazilian actress and has a daughter named Alicia. He started his basketball career when he was just seventeen at palmeiras. He played lot of basketball there and went on to play his part in the Sao Paulo championship.

There he played under the super vision of future brazilin national basketball coach and that make him shine further. It was his excellence that makes him get a place in the principal team of palmeiras at Sao Paulo.

He averaged up to 14 plus points per game there and become prominent among the fellows. It was his class and excellence that make him get place in the professional teams later. He kept putting awesome shows in the court and this makes him get place among the seniors very soon.

He was selected by the NBA because of his swift nature at the court. He played awesome basketball during his professional career. Leandro was used to make quick moves in the court and was used to get honor because of that. He played a long professional career with high mark performances.

The year 2006 saw this man playing with his career high average of up to 18 points per game. He did it in the season he played during the year 2006. This was not the 2006 alone when he played in that fashion, he did it every year and that’s what makes him earn a 10 plus points per game career average.


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