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Latvia Basketball Teams

The LatvijasBasketbolaSavienība (or LBS, English: Latvia Basketball Association) is the main oganization of basketball in Latvia including the professional leagues in both men and women category, youth leagues, and amateur leagues.

The men’s professional league in Latvia is doing well in both local and local competitions. There are two major leagues in Latvia where teams play- the Latvia Basketball League (LBL) and the Baltic Basketball League (BBL). The teams also engage in international competitions such as ULEB and Eurocap.

Men’s Professional Basketball Teams

Liepājas Lauvas

Liepājas Lauvas represents Liepāja in LBL and BBL. This basketball club is founded in 1991. The team is now presided by UldisSesks and ArmandsMisus is their head coach. They haven’t won any championship in LBL to date. They landed on 6th place in 2009 LBL Championship however ranked in 2nd place in BBL 2009 Championship. Lauvas’ players include JevgenijsKosuškins (SF and PF), MareksMeijers (PF), KristapsFrīdenbergs (SG), KlāvsAnsons (C), Artis Ate (PG),and Martins Kravcenko (SG).

ASK/Brocēni/LMT is based in Riga, Latvia playing in LBL. The team was established in 1992 and lasted until 2000. The team then splitted into two: ASK Riga and Barons LMT.

ASK Rīga

ASK Rīga (ArmijasSportaKlubs or Army Sports Club) is a former team also located in Riga, Latvia. The team played in LBL, Baltic League, and ULEB Eurocap. It was founded in 1929 and re-founded in 2005. Jānis Birks is their current president and DonaldasKairys is their current head coach.

ASK were the first European Cup champions in 1958 and became the champions for two consecutive years (1959 and 1960). They won Academic Sofia Two-way finals in years 1958 and 1959 and also Dynamo Tblisi winners following that season. In 2004, the BK Riga was re-founded and they regained the name ASK Riga on March 23, 2006.

The ASK Riga returned victoriously since they managed to participate in the quarterfinals of BBL and the FIBA EuroCup. ASK won the best-of-seven LBL finals with a score 4-2 in favor of ASK defeating the seven year champions BK Ventspils’s. Last season, ASK placed fourth in BBL and third place in Latvian League. Ask Riga lasted until 2009.

BK Barons/LMT

BK Barons/LMT (established in 2000) is coached by KārlisMuižnieks. The team is based in Riga, Latvia and played in LBL, BBL, ULEB, and Eurocap. Ivo Zonne is the present president and Edgars Teteris is their head coach.

The Barons were formerly known as Princips- one of the pioneers of LBL since it started in 1992. Princips was soon renamed to LainERS after two seasons. The LainERS then take on the lead with players such as Mikki Jackson. The team won bronze in 1994 season of LBL. They placed fourth in the next two seasons thereafter. Their last success as LainERS is noted in 1998 when they reached the semi-finals.

In the hope of reviving the team, LainERS became Barons in 2000. The Barons gained their first notable achievement with their new name in 2004 LBL season when they got bronze. They won the 2nd place in 2005 and 2006. Last season, the Barons lost the five game series to ASK Riga.

Barons participated in BBL Championships. They were included in the Final Six in 2006 and the Final Eight in 2008 where they lost best out of two games to Kalev/Cramo. They also played in 2008 FIBA EuroCup.

The Baron’s Roster as of 2009 include Edgars Teteris (G), KasparsRaiskums (F), UvisHelmanis (F), IvarsTimmermanis (F), EdijsŠlesers (G), MārtiņšRozenbergs (G), MārtiņšJaunzems (F), KristsPīternieks (F), HaraldsKārlis (G), and KlāvsBedrītis (G). Star players who had a huge contribution to the team incudes ArmandsŠķēle, KasparsBerzins, GiedriusGustas, American players Demetrius Alexander, Dontell Jefferson, and Mikki Jackson.


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