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Lamar Odom Biography

Full name is Lamar Joseph Odom and has a daughter named destiny and a son named as Lamar junior.

Lamar married Khloe Kardashian in 2009 and started married life happily. He was raised by his grand mother as his mother passed away when he was just twelve years old. His grand mother brought him well and makes him grow as a professional with high class excellence in the court of basket ball.

Lamar used to wear number seven as he considers that number as the luckiest according to his grandmother. It was o doubt the unprecedented look after of his grand mother that make him grew up with such a nice temperament and this is the reason why Lamar could not forget the goodness of his grandmother which she rendered to him.

Lamar lists his mother Mildred mercer and his late mother Cathay mercer as the personalities that make huge difference in his overall outlook and personality. Lamar holds tender heart for the underprivileged children and poor society and never misses any chance to serve them with his mild deeds. He once raised $75000 through his foundation Cathy’s child fro deprived children.

Lamar founded Cathy’s child foundation just to serve this sort of children. The mission of foundation was to support underprivileged children that do not have financial or psychological support to develop themselves. The foundation’s primary goal is to provide them recreational and clinical services along with providing them quality education assistance so that they should also be able to walk on the road of success without missing mentor support.

Lamar majored in communication at his college level while he kept communicating with the fellow players in the court as well. He would like to visit his entire world after retirement and would like to be play by play announcer. Lamar is a man who really loves to travel.

He lists France as best site he has ever visited and France seems to have unique fascination for him. His favorite book is Malcolm X by Alex Haley while he likes to listen to classic hits of 70s and late 80s. Lists his game played in 1999 which make Rhode Island win its first championship. Magic Johnson is his best player. Lamar has the honor of being declared as prep player of the year by parade magazine in 1997.

Lamar started emerging as a great player from his childhood as he make some great impression in his school career but he shines as a star mainly at college. He played a season with Rhode Island and give memorable performance as his average touched up to 17.6 points per game with 3.8 assists and 9.4 rebounds per game in all 32 games that he played there.

He was declared as the Atlantic ten rookie of the year later for putting wonderful efforts in the court. Lamar was first drafted in the first round of NBA draft in 1999 by the Los Angeles clippers, later he got signed by Miami heat in 2003. His class makes him earn the name of NBA conference player of the month in the march 2004.

His career is full of achievements added by nice points average and better rebound rates.


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