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Kim Anderson Bio

Kim Anderson is a Head coach of University of Central Missouri Mules basketball team and is a former basketball player of Unites States.

Kim Anderson was born on May 12, 1955 in Sedalia located in Missouri in America. Kim was a good little intelligent student during his all student career. He was considered as a talented student who had many abilities to work hard and he was sure to be a great person.

Kim Anderson was a student of University of Missouri. During his school career Anderson was proved himself a good basketball player of his school. He played basketball for his school. He was a bright student of his school and later he proved that he was a good sports man also.

He played basketball for his school’s basketball team. He was considered as main player of hiss school’s basketball team. He was also called as star player of basketball during his school career. During his all career Kim was known as best player of his team. He was admitted in University of Missouri after the completion of his studies in High School.

He played his college basketball in that college. He was not a very shining player in his university and he got a chance to play for his college’s basketball team. He played for his college and performed very great in almost all matches.

Kim Anderson didn’t play for NBA as a professional player. He started his coaching career in his University from where he completed his education.

In the start of his coaching career Kim was selected as an Assistant coach for University’s basketball team. But later he was made head coach of his university’s basketball team. During his coaching career he has coached some other teams also. He is currently working as head coach in Central Missouri University since 2003.


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