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Kenny Anderson Biography

Kenny Anderson was a player of basketball who has played professional basketball from 1991 to 2006.

He was a professional player of NBA. Kenny was born in Queens Area located in New York City in Unites States. His date of birth is October 9, 1970. Kenny has spent a great and successful career in the field of basketball. He was known as a best player during his all career in NBA. He won many prizes and Awards during his career in NBA.

He started his educational career in Archbishop Molloy High School in New York City. He was interested in basketball when he was very young. He was a good player in his street. After joining the school he got a chance to play for his school.

He availed that chance and played for the basketball team of his school. Due to his performance and hard work in almost all games he played, he became a star of basketball in his school. He was known as inspiring player of his school.

His fame and reputation made at his school led him to play for the team of Georgia Tech College’s basketball team. He played for his college as better as he could. He was started as a guard in his team and he quickly became a main point guard in his team due to his consistent performance his team. He played for two years in his team.

His reputation built during his all college career led him to play in NBA. He started his professional career when he was selected by New Jersey Nets in 1991 NBA draft. At that time in the whole league he was the youngest player at that time. During his all professional career Anderson has played for many other teams of NBA. His career was ended in 2006.


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