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Ken Bannister Bio

Full name Kenneth Darnell Banister who was used to perform at the court of basketball, a former classy American basketball player.

He was born on April 1, 1960 in Baltimore, Maryland and grown on to become a professional in the filed of basketball. He never stopped to excel after his first strike in the world of basketball. He was one of the most competitive campaigners of his age who was used to give tough time to his rivals. He was having some inborn traits and characteristics that made him lead the fellow men in the court.

He always used to put marvelous performances in the court by playing smart games. He played splendid games at his school as well s college levels. He started his collegiate career at Indiana state university. He was also been a center forward for the junior college of Trinidad state.

He earned the positions due to his classic performance that he was used to put more often. He played in exceptional style during his collegiate career with handsome average in points per game, rebounds as well as assists. His excellence makes him become a professional later as he joined the New York knicks in 1984.

Ken was selected by New York knicks in 1984 in the seventh round of NBA draft. He was among the 156th pick at that round. He played some awesome games during his stint with N.Y knicks which started in 1984 and ended at 1986.
He scored at a nice average of 8 plus points per game during his stint with New York knicks while starting at 6.8 points per game in 1984 and touched the 8.6 mark in his second season toward the 1986. Ken joined the Los Angeles clippers later in 1988 where he played nine games in 1988 with the handsome average of 8.2 points per game. He carried on play with Los Angeles clippers from 1988 to onwards till 1991. Ken played total of 253 games in his career while his career average remained at 5.9 PPG.


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