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Kareem Abdul Jabbar Bio

On April 16, 1947 a great and history maker basketball player was born his name was Ferdinand Lewis “Lew” Alcindor, Jr. He was a great basketball player of America.

He was born in New York City. He was non Muslim at that time after wards he converted from cat holism to Islam in 1971. He spent his early age or childhood in Manhattan in New York City of United States. He was a talented child in his age he worked in a departmental store as a price checker in his childhood life.

Then he also served police and was also a jazz musician. From his early age he was a record breaking and outstanding player, he was a great player in his high school. He led power Memorial Academy to three straight catholic championships in New York City. At that time his team made a record of 71 consecutive wins without losing a single match.

That was his school history, in his college he played three sessions for UCLA Bruins from 1966 to 1969 under the instructions and training of coach John Wooden. During his college career he was twice named player of the year in 1967 and 1969.

Then he made his way to the university where he didn’t stop his hardworking and best performance and selected for NBA in 1969 NBA draft by the team Milwaukee Bucks who was playing only its second session.

Before this selection he had rejected the offer of Harlem Globetrotters of one million USD. Abdul-Jabbar is working as the coach of Los Angles Lakers since 2005. He was interest in coaching since his retirement. During his playing career he was a very gentle and sullen player he did not speak to the press even he was the record breaking player of his age. He was highest point taker in his career.


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