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Josh Powell Bio

Josh Powell was born in the early eighties and his date of birth is January 25 1983 at Charleston.

The child josh was born with potential to shine as a professional in the court of basket ball. H was having inborn skills for playing basketball at his best. He started his school education in Riverdale high school in Atlanta where he started playing basketball as well.

His interest got developed in business studies and he continued his higher studies in business studies at North Carolina State. But all that could not divert his attention from basketball as he was playing as fresh man as well as a student of business studies.

He maintained good average on the floor of basketball court as well as off the floor in the class room. He maintained a grade point average of 3.4 while playing as fresh man with nice average and rebound rate. This is what made him earn the ACC honor roll. Josh has interest in playing pool and also used to listen to the music.

Uses a 16 size shoe and is always active in community welfare. Josh has always been active in community welfare efforts at each of his breaks from NBA seasons.

Josh has good collegiate career along with nice professional career. He started his collegiate career at North Carolina where he spent two years and played lot of basket ball during his sojourn. Josh played 31 games at a handsome average of 12.4 PPG, and 5.3 RPG.

He played all those games as sophomore and received the Gugliotta award at the end of that season along with declaration of being most improved player of the team. He was ranked seventh in ACC blocks, 18th in rebounds and 20th in scoring.

Josh scored at an average of 20.0 PPG, 7.0 RPG and 3.0 BPG in all three contests he played there; it also includes a career best from him with 26 points in the championship game vs. Duke. His fresh man campaign was equally best with nice PPG and RPG rate and this is what paved way for him to get entry in the ACC all rookie squad in the end.

Josh holds the honor of owning two NBA rings which he got by making tremendous efforts in the court during his playoff history. He did it while playing with Lakers in the last two seasons. Josh played total of 37b postseason contests with Lakers, golden state and Dallas where his average remained at 1.1. PPG while 0.7 rebound per game.

He also holds the honor of playing the two NBA finals in 2010. His playoff highs were ten points versus HOU in 2009. Josh played for five years with NBA where he appeared in 261 games with 28 starts at an average of 3.8 points per game, 3.0 rebounds per game and 0.5 assist per game in 12.6 minutes per game.

He played with Dallas, golden state, Indiana and LA clippers in his entire professional career where his point’s average and assists remind at sophisticated levels and he always rise to the occasion by putting better performances always.


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