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Jose Barea Bio

One of the professional Puerto Rican basketball players who was born in 26th of June 1984.

He born with skills that he shown later during his career in the teenage and at professional level as well. This man was having some awesome techniques and tricks to excel in the basketball world but there also lays his commitment to explore all of his potential.

He played like a professional right from the start of his school career where he was used to make some splendid moves with the ball in hand. He currently plays as point guard for the national basketball association’s Dallas mavericks. He played some blistering basketball before he became a point guard. His career is full of accomplishments that he made with splendid performances.

The things start working for him from his school career and the trend continues unto his retirement from the professional career. His excellence made him the seventh Puerto Rican to play in the NBA. This man was the part of the team that remained the gold medalist in the Central American and Caribbean games during the year 2006 and 2010.

He was born and grown at Mayaguez until he reached seventeen. He was a member of boy scouts of America during his sojourn at Mayaguez but was a better performer of the court of basketball. He played splendid basketball at his school career until he joined the north eastern university in 2003.

Barea played the awesome game during his stint with northeastern university. It was his performance that makes him earn the Bob Cousy award both as a junior as well as senior.
He also played the basketball of same class during his career as a fresh man when he scored 17 PPG and was among the top three in America east. He appeared in 314 games for Dallas where his scoring average remained 9.4 points per game with 1.9 rebounds per game.


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