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Jon Barry Bio

A former American basketball player with lot of fame and name under his belt, he was one of the best performers of his time.

He was born on 25th of July 1969. He played marvelous basketball during all of his stints at any level he played. He put some splendid shows and best performances by making things happen for his team as well as for himself.

He was a passionate player with lot of thrust and flux in his game. He was used to give tough times to his rivals and was used to produce lot of heat in the court of basketball by putting some blistering and breathtaking performances. He was very well known as the spear head of his team as he was used to push his rivals back with his thrilling performance.

He played fantastic and fabulous basketball during all stages of his career, it can be said that he had played smart basketball during his entire life. His life was his career as he started playing basketball from his childhood and continued played in some from or the other.

He played a long professional career starting from 1992 and ended at 2006. But he played uniquely during his collegiate career as he was used to impress his coaches and the fellow men during his stint and Georgia.

He started his professional career with Milwaukee in 1992 at a remarkable average of 4 plus points per game. he carried on with Milwaukee till he joined Atlanta in 1996 but he left Atlanta as well after a short period f one year and was picked up by L.A Lakers in 1997.
Jon joined Sacramento later and continued till 2001 when he was picked by Detroit. He also played with Denver, Atlanta and ended with Houston. He played a nice career at a nice average of 5.7 points per game.


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