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John Williams Bach Bio

John William is one of the classy players of the history of basketball who was born on July 10 1924 in New York City.

He was one of the professionals of his times who shine in the limited career that he played during his life time. He was born to play basket ball as he started playing basket ball quite professionally right from his teenage.

He continued to shine as a man of class fro is college career to the professional one. He was one of the strongest forward players who used to guard his side by providing super defense. John played in season from 1948 to 1949 where his average remains at 3.5 points per game with 0.0 rebound rate and 0.7 assists per game.

His love and passion for the game of basketball never declined with the passage of time and he remain wedged with the basket ball by providing guidance to the youngsters through his professional coaching. John Williams never liked to go away from the curt of basket ball as he remained close to it through some way or the other.

John Williams Bach was no doubt a man of class from his teenage but he mainly comes up as a professional in his college career. John played at Fordham University and Brown during his collegiate career. He played some awesome games where he put some splendid shows with his performance.

It was his services for Fordham that make him take the place of the coach in 1950s. John was one of the youngest ever coach for the Fordham university in 1950s where he spent eighteen years and took more than seven teams to post season tourneys. He later took the coaching of Penn states where he also make players improve to better levels. This man also holds the honor of coaching golden state warriors and served as assistant with Chicago bulls as well.


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