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John E. Barr Bio

He is one of the most classic American basketball players who born on 18th of august 1918.

He was one of the most brilliant players of his age and it looks like he was born with the potential in 1918. He did marvelously well at all level of his career starting from playing with his street fellows to school level.

He played some marvelous basketball at his school career and showed his talent. John makes many of his spectators his fans by putting some smart performances in the court. He undoubtedly played at his best during his school career.

The trend of turning his spectators into fan continued for John toward his college career as most of his fellows and his teachers became his fans after seeing some blistering performances from this quality player. John was a slow starter but after taking his time he was often remained unbeaten from his rivals. He was often used to give tough time to his opponents by making some assertive moves in the court of basketball.

He started his collegiate career at Penn state and the high level performances I the court continued fro this boy. He played some fantastic games at his college career and makes his team lead the tables quite smartly.

He was smart enough to take off and was often a better team player for his team. John played fabulous basketball at college level and it was his collegiate performance that leads him toward the professional career.

He later played about fifty eight games while playing for St. Louis in 1946-47 and scored more than 295 points. He was often used to play his part and make his share high in the point scoring fro his team. His played his career at a remarkable average of 5.1 points per game with 0.9 APG.


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