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John Barber Bio

A former American basketball player who did marvelously well in the court by pitting some awesome performances.

He was born on 27th of June 1927. He is one of the most classic players in the history of American basketball players. He performed with limited equipment but unlimited temperament. He was used to show lot of class and temperament during his entire career.

He played lot of excellent games during his junior as well as senior levels but one thing that he was abundant in him was the temperament.

He showed the skills of a professional right from his school level when he joined the high school at Atlanta, Texas. He was one of the prominent players at his school as he was used to put some unique and distinct shows in the court. He carried this form unto his college career as he played a miraculous college career.

John joined the California state university and played a formidable collegiate career there. His performance makes him further prominent among the fellows and this leads him to a perfect professional career.

John did marvelously well at his collegiate career and this make him get selected by the Minneapolis Lakers in the NBA draft during 1956. He played splendid games during his NBA career and put some remarkable shows.

Although he did not played a long career with NBA but his selection in the NBA draft is in itself a matter of honor for john as he struggled hard to prove himself a marvelous man on the court.

It was no doubt an era of shorter facilities and fewer chances but even then he proved that he can still make a mark through better performance. John played a total of five games during his NBA career where he scored at an average of 1.4 points per game with 1.2 rebounds per game.


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