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John Anthony (Rabbit) Barnhill Bio

A classy American having his chare in the history of basketball play at America.

He was born on 20th March of 1938. He later grew up to become a classic player of the court of basketball. He played some tremendous games and fascinated his fans before leaving the basketball court for ever.

He was no doubt man of class and elegance that amazed many people who become is fans by getting impressed with his impressive performance. He was talented child who played some wonderful school career before winning the hearts and minds in the court later in his career.

He showed his talent during various phases of his school career as he was used to shoot the ball more often in the basket. He showed his skills by putting some awesome showoffs during his school career.

The show continues for him and his fans later during his collegiate career at Tennessee State. He studied well but played basketball at his best in the court as he earned more appreciation from the men at court than the men at class.

John appeared in four playoff games where his average was an appreciative one while thrust was commendable. He started doing it with perfection while started with the St. Louis in 1962; there he played a total of 77 games where his scoring average touched the 11.7 PPG mark. He carried on playing with the St. Louis at a handsome scoring rate until he was picked up by Detroit toward the end of 1965.

He played 76 games in total with Detroit and was picked up by Baltimore in 1966. John played 53 games during that season at remarkable average of 8.3 points per game. He joined San Diego in 1967-68 but was once again joined by Baltimore in the 1968. John finished things up by playing the last season of his career while playing with Baltimore in 1968-69. He played 426 career games and scored 3,648 points at 8.6 PPG.


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