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Joel Anthony Biography

Joel Vincent Anthony was born on August 9, 1982 in Montreal a city located in Canada.

Joel is a professional player of basketball of Canada in National Basketball Association. Anthony also has a nick name, sometimes he is also called as “The Warden”.

He is a professional player of Center position. Anthony changed two schools to complete his graduation. Anthony started his educational career from Selwyn House School; he was a top student in his school he was considered as very talented student in his class. During his studies in his high school Joel started to play in basketball team.

He became a good player of basketball after proper training and hard work. He got his Graduation degree from Emmanuel Christian School. He passed his degree by showing good performance in almost all exams in his school and got good position.

He also studied for some time in Dawson College. He could not play basketball in Dawson College because he was cut from the preliminary squad of basketball.

After completing his studies in high school Anthony joined a university to get further advance education in his field. Joel took part in competition at university about basketball. He won NCAA shot-blocking award and called as best defensive player in his university.

He was a student of University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). Joel was actually a specialist player of defensive. Joel also played for his university’s basketball tem. He was called as best defender in his team and was very famous player of basketball in his university. He played many games for his university and most of the games he played or his university his team won.

Joel started his professional career in 2007 when he was selected by Miami Heat in 2007 NBA draft. He is still playing in his first team.


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