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Joe Arlauckas Bio

Joseph John “Joe” Arlauckas was born on July 20, 1965 in Rochester in New York located in United States.

He is a former professional player of basketball of America. Joe was a professional player of power forward-centre position. Joe was a player with a height perfect for basketball, he was six feet and nine inches tall and his weight was about 230 lbs or 104 kilo grams.

Joe was the student of Thomas Jefferson High School in Rochester. Since his childhood Joe was interested in basketball. He was very fond of basketball since his very early age. Joe was very interested in watching basketball as well as playing. He played his childhood basketball in his streets. He was a good player of basketball in his street.

When Joe joined High School he found school a best place for opportunity to get a chance for playing in a good basketball team. Joe started playing basketball for his school’s basketball team. He was selected in team due to his extreme interest and passion about basketball.

He was a very good player of basketball in his team because he was very hard working. His coach made him a good player by giving Joe enough training in basketball. After his school studies Joe joined a College for further education in his educational field.

He also joined a college because he knew that college is a best place for youngsters to get a chance to move forward in a professional field. Joe was a student of Niagara University. He played basketball for his university’s basketball team and earned many victories for his team.

Joe started his professional career in 1987 when he was selected by Sacramento Kings in 4th round of 1987 NBA draft. Joe was a international player he played basketball for many teams in different leagues in the world. He was retired in 2000.


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