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Jesse Arnelle Bio

Hugh Jesse Arnelle was a professional player of basketball in America. He played his professional basketball in NBA during 1955-56 sessions.

He was born in New Rochelle in New York State located in United States. He was a good player of basketball since his childhood. He was professional player of basketball who played at forward position.

He was a strong man with a height of six feet and five inches and weight of 220 lbs or 100 kilo grams. During his very early life he was very much interested in basketball. He was a very passionate player of basketball with a dream to be a professional basketball player in NBA. He started his educational career in a high school.

He was a student of New Rochelle High School in New Rochelle. He was a good player of basketball in his school days. He was famous because he was a hard working player of baseball. During his school career Jesse also played basketball for his school’s basketball team.

His performance in games he played for his school made him a very important player of basketball in his team. He was considered as most trusted player in his team. Jesse joined a college when he completed his school education. He was admitted in Pennsylvania State University for further education in his educational field. He also joined university to get more chances to play basketball.

He played for his college’s basketball team. His performance in his team was very good. He became a major player of his college’s basketball team.

He won many games for his college. His professional career was started in 1955 when he was selected by Fort Wayne Pistons in 2nd round of 1955 NBA draft. In his professional career Jesse played in only one session in only one team in NBA. His career was ended in 1956.


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