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Jerry W Baskerville Bio

A former American basketball player who played marvelous basketball during his entire career.

He was born on 10th of November 1951. He played some marvelous basketball throughout his career and makes some marvelous marks in the history of basket ball. He played blistering basketball from the age of fifteen when he was not been able to jump above the basket but he played in manner that make basket in his access and vicinity.

He started playing like a professional from his teenage. He was having great passion for basketball playing and he showed that during his struggle toward the professional career. He worked pretty hard to get among the professionals of is times.

It was his dream and desire to be among the leaders of the basketball in his times and he did it through his master class performance on various occasions during his school as well as college career.

He played splendid basketball during his school career and amused many of his spectators with his classy performance in the court of basketball.

It was not his school career where he played that nice basketball but the spark rather continues toward his college career as well. He spent his college education at Nevada Las Vegas. But he focused on taking his game to higher levels rather than taking the education higher.

He played some superb games during his stint at Las Vegas. It was lively city and he made his basketball career come alive as well. Jerry played superb basketball by putting some blistering performances in the court of basketball.

He attracted his spectators the way Las Vegas does to people of the world and it did not took too long for his spectators to become his fans. Jerry started his professional career by playing fro Philadelphia in 175-76 where he played 21 games at an average of 2.1 points per game.


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