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Jerome Allen Bio

Jerome Byron Allen is coach of American college Basketball and was a professional player of basketball in United States. Allen was born on January 28, 1973.

Allen was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania located in United Stated. He was a player of about six feet and four inches height and 185 lbs or 84 kilo grams weight. Allen was interested in basketball since his school life.

He was very fond of watching basketball. When he admitted in Episcopal Academy he got a chance to learn basketball and got a chance to play or his school’s basketball team. He availed that chance and played for school’s team. He was not a good player in start of playing with his school’s basketball team. But his coach gave him enough training and his hard work made him a good player for school’s basketball team.

He played for his college’s basketball team when he was finished his school study and joined University of Pennsylvania further education. He played at the shooting guard position for his university. He was a very good player in his university and was too good to perform like a star for his team.

He won many matches for his team and was became a college basketball star. Allen started his professional career when he was selected by Minnesota Timberwolves in 2nd round of 1995 NBA draft. During his playing career Allen played not only in NBA but also for other league and other teams out of NBA. He also played in Turkey, Italy and France. He has also played in Greece and Spain.

He started his coaching career in 2009 when he became an assistant coach for University of Pennsylvania’s basketball team. ON December 14, 2009 he became interim head coach after Glen Miller. He was later announced as permanent head coach of Pennsylvania Men’s basketball.


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