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Jay Arnette Bio

Jay Hoyland Arnette was a professional basketball player of basketball who played his professional basketball in NBA for two years.

He was born in Austin located in Texas on December 19, 1938. He was a very good player of basketball in his career. During his career in his college and in his professional career he was a very good player of basketball.

He was very popular player because he was a perfect player for guard position. Jay started his educational career from a school just like many other professional players in the world. Jay was a student of McCallum High School.

He was not a player in his school; he was not even a sportsman during his school career. Jay started his basketball career in his college. During his school life Jay was a good student in his class, he was a very shining student.

When Jay completed his school education he joined University of Texas State. He saw basketball player in there and his interest was developed in basketball and he started playing basketball. He worked hard in basketball field and made his way to play in his college’s basketball team.

His hard work and passion about basketball made him a very important player of basketball in his college. He became a star of basketball in his college due to his consistent performance in his team.

He was a very good defender in his team, infect he was a best defender in his college’s basketball team. He played in many games for his college.

He won many of the game he played for his college. Jay started his professional career in 1960 when he was selected by Cincinnati Royals in 1960 NBA draft. He has also played in National basketball team of America in 1963. His professional career was ended in 1965.


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