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Japanese men’s Basketball Players

It is not a secret that Japan is not that good in basketball when it comes to competitions internationally. They are even considered underdogs for they have not yet won any championship medals.

Though they are very participative in basketball competitions they are not known for they have not achieved higher than the 10th rank. In my own opinion Japan is not weak in basketball nor any country is, it is just that some countries excel more in a certain competition than of the others.

Being an underdog did not make the Japanese to stop aspiring for victory. They became more determined and up to now they are making their teams more capable of winning.

Here are some of Japanese men’s basketball players”

Daiji Yamada

Yamada is a professional basketball player who had played for several teams such as Rera Kamuy Hokkaido and Japan national basketball team. He was a member of the said team that represents the country for almost 10 years now. He had played together with the team in the 2006 FIBA World Championship and 2007&2009 FIBA Asia Championship. Yamada is one of the most known Japanese men’s basketball players because of his skills that made a big help in every basketball competition. As of now Yamada pursue his career and is currently playing for Rera Kamuy Hokkaido of the JBL Super League.

Kosuke Takeuchi

Taekuchi is currently playing for the team Aisin Seahorses in JBL and is considered as one of the known Japanese men’s basketball players as of the moment because of his achievements gathered lately. Because of the 2009 FIBA Asia Championship that he had participated he was able to gather a larger Japanese crowd.

In that said event he was able to lead the team and bring the team into the 10th place. Despite of his skills and effort in the said event it was said to be one of the worst performances of the country but it is not an argument that without Takeuchi the team might be in the last place so in the brighter side it was indeed a good fight. Due to being popular in Japan and with the help of his talent given by God he was asked to play in the 2010 summer league in Las Vegas joining Minnesota Timberwolves by that invitation he was able to brag pride and honor to his country.

Tomoo Amino

Like Taekuchi, Amino also currently plays for team Aisin Seahorses in the JBL Super League and is a member of the Japan national basketball team as well. He is considered one of the well loved among Japanese men’s basketball players for he was able to get a huge number of fans.

Due to his charms it had made him be voted by the fans as a starter to the West squad in the 2009-10 season of the JBL Super league All Star game. As of now Amino continues to gather a lot of Japanese fans because of his passion to basketball that made him be loved by the people there.


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