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Japanese Coaches

Yes, Japan participates in different basketball competitions. Although it is not a secret that the Japan’s national basketball team is striving their way to the top, they should not be ashamed of it, in fact, they should be proud of themselves for showing camaraderie, for their passion for basketball, for their efforts and for their will to try harder and harder to do good in these international basketball competitions.

The players may be sad because of their losses, however their sadness is just about half of what their assisstant and head coaches feel. The coaches do their best to make a way for the players to achieve their goals, thus by the end of a game, a coach may blame himself because of the loss but, just like any other coaches, the Japanese Coaches would stand up be a man and won’t give up, and show the whole world what they are capable of doing in the next games that they would play.

Kensaku Tennichi

Kesaku Tennichi is considered as one of the best Japanese coaches today. He is a native in Osaka, studied highschool at Habikino High School and college at Nippon Sports Science University. Before he started to coach, he played basketball. He played as member of the Panasonic Super Kangaroos in the year 1989 until the year 2000.

After playing with the Panasonic Super Kangaroos, he started his coaching career as an assisstant coach of the said team in the year 2001 up to 2002. After being the assisstant coach of the Panasonic Super Kangaroos for one whole year, he became the head coach of the team in 2003 up to 2004.

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He became the head coach of the Panasonic Super Kangaroos for only one year, and then he became the head coach of a BJ team, the Osaka Evessa. He led the Osaka Evessa in winning the first three championship titles in the BJ league. As the head coach of the Osaka Evessa, he acquired a 70.4% winning percentage, with a 162 to 68 regular season record. Kensaku Tennichi didn’t last long as the head coach of the team. Just this June 2010, Kensaku Tennichi ceased being the head coach of the team after five years of being with them.

Shiro Yoshii

The Japan’s national basketball team joined the Summer Basketball Olympics, although they were only qulified in 1936, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1972 and in 1976, the team still did their best. Among the best Japanese coaches, Shiro Yoshii was just one of the privilaged coaches to help the team in participating in the Summer Basketball Olympics.

He coached the national basketball team with members: Takashi Matsuda, Masashi Shiga, Setsuo Nara, Kaoru Wakabayashi, Fumihiko Moroyama and the seven more players, in the 1964 Summer Olympic Games. The national team ended up in the 10th place among all the 16 players that were qualified in the said Summer Basketball Olympics. Shiro Yoshii also coached the Japan’s national basketball team in the 1963 FIBA World Championships, however the team ranked last among all the 13 international teams that participated in the 1963 FIBA World Championships.


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