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James Franklin Bio

A classic American man who was well known in the court of basketball in the 1960s.

He was born on 7th of July 1944 with some inborn traits to become a professional in the world of basketball. He was one of the most brilliant men at court in his times.

He was a forward force to push the rivals back and thrust his side forward. He was one of the fantastic men at court at his times as he was having uncanny knack of making awesome moves in the court.

He played blistering basketball in all stages of his various careers. He started his school career at high note and ended that in such a splendid style. So was the case with his college career as he was one of the trend setters during his collegiate career, he never stopped to push things up for his team during his college career. He spent a nice time at Oregon studying as well playing the basketball. He became a real star at his collegiate career.

He appeared in five playoff games where his scoring rate was better than many of his fellow players. He was always among the toppers by leading the point tables. He started playing with Boston where he played 48 games in 1966-67 seasons at a starting average of 4.1 points per game.

But he joined San Diego very next year and raised is average up to 9.4 PPG. He carried on with San Diego until he was picked up by the Portland toward the second half of 1970s but it did not go so long as he joined golden state in 1971.

It carried onwards until he was picked by the New York in 1974-75 and with that there starts his NBA career at handsome average of 5.9 PPG. He played a total of 734 career games where his average was 11.7 points per game with 3.1 RPG and 3 APG.


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