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James Barnes Bio

A former American basketball player with lot of fame and name in his professional career… he was born on April of 13 in 1941.

He born with the passion to excel in the court of basketball and he make his desire come true by converting his wishes in to reality in his teenage.

He was one of the most competitive players of his era with lot of thrilling performances under his belt. He was used to put pure performances right from the advent of his teenage as he started making things happen for him in his school career. He did his best at his school career by scoring a heap of points smartly.

He becomes so prominent that the professionals start eyeing at this young star. He lived up with the dream to shine like a star in the basketball playing and this is ofcourse his greatness that has still make him fresh in the memories of the basketball world.

He played basketball in fantastic fashion whether it was his school, college or professional career. James did marvelously well at his college career and earned a name among the stars there.

This led him toward the selection among professionals as he was picked later by the New York Knicks in 1964. Here he started his career at a handsome average of 15.5 points per game. He was later picked by Baltimore; he also played along los angels, ten for Chicago where his average remained at a nice level.

He joined Boston toward the 1969 and carried on with them unto 1970. He finished his career with Baltimore by playing 11 games in 1970-71 seasons. He played at a nice career average of 8.8 PPG with 6.5 RPG. He played a total of 454 games in his career where his points total was 3,997 points.


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