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James Bailey Bio

James bailey is one of the most splendid retired American basketball players who played cherishing game at all levels of his career.

He born on 21st may of 1957 in Dublin, Georgia. He was a forward force among his collegiate team mates as he was used to push the rivals back through his quality and powerful performance.

He was used to make sensational moves from the front and was used to rush in marvelous way to breach through the defense of his rivals. His commanding moves always put his team in commanding position in many games that his college teams played with his attendance.

He was really been a formidable player during his career at Rutgers as he was often used to put some commendable performances in the court. He never let his team down through his highly dynamic show. James was no doubt a force to recon at Rutgers.

The thrill continued for bailey from college to his professional career as he kept on generating the heat with his participation in the game. Bailey was the 6th pick of NBA draft by Seattle supersonic in the year of 1979.

He played nine seasons with NBA and put some awesome shows during his career. James bailey was quite famous for slam dunks in his games during his collegiate career as it was allowed at those ages. He was often used to create sensational moves by slamming his rivals.

He started his professional career in 1979 and carries on toward the late eighties unto 1988. He played a total of 595 games during different stints with different teams and scored a total of 5000 plus scores in all of those games. His career average remained at 8.8 points per game with 5.0 rebounds per game and 0.8 APG while putting some awesome shows as well.


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