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James Augustine Bio

James Augustine is a professional basketball player of America. He was born on February 27, 1984 in Midlothian located in the state of Illinois in United States.

James is a very famous basketball player of modern age. He is a professional player of basketball of Power forward position with a strong body. He has strong muscles perfectly compatible for basketball with a height of six feet and ten inches and weight of 107 kilo grams or 235 lbs.

James started his professional career in 2006 and he is present in the world of basketball. James started his educational career in a school. He was student of Central High School in New Lenox. He was a student of this school since 2002 when he was graduated and left his school and joined a college. During his studies in his college James was a very shining student of his class and also was a good player of basketball.

He was very famous in his school as a good player of basketball. James played many games in his school’s basketball team. He was a main player of his school’s basketball team. During his school days he was a star of basketball. His won many games for his school and got good reputation in his school. His reputation earned in his school made his way to his college’s basketball team.

He joined basketball after his school studies. He was a very talented player of basketball so he easily got chance to play for his college. James played his best basketball in his college and was earned many victories for his college winning some awards also.

His professional career was started when he was selected by Orlando magic in 2ns round of 2006 NBA draft. During his entire professional career he has played for two NBA teams. Currently he is playing in NBA.


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