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J J Anderson Bio

J. J. Anderson was a professional basketball player of United States.

He played professional basketball in NBA and some other basketball leagues in the world.

His full name was Mitchell Keith (J. J.) Anderson. Anderson was born in a city of Illinois State called as Springfield. He was born on September 25, 1960. He was a professional player of Forward position. Mostly he played at forward position but in some matches he has also played at some other positions like centre. But he was he was specialist in power forward position. Anderson grown up in Chicago and started his educational career in Metro High School in Chicago.

He was a professional player with a height of six feet and eight inches and weight of 88 kilo grams. He was a brilliant performer during his school career. He was named as most popular player in his school. He was also called as very important and back bone player of his team in his school career. Anderson played for his school’s basketball team performing best.

He was known as good player due to his born abilities in the team. Anderson was selected in his college’s basketball team when he joined the college after the completion of education in his school. He was a student of Bradley College. He was considered as main player of basketball in his college. He was very popular player in his college due to his born abilities in basketball. He was made for basketball.

He proved that he was made for basketball by his brilliant performances in almost games he played. He was a star of basketball during his university career and his professional career. His reputation and fame opened door for him to play in NBA as a professional player and he started his career in 1982. He had played for many other leagues in the world.


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