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Italy’s Basketball Achievements

Italy is known for their fashion as their long tradition, they are even included in one of the most important fashion item in the industry.

Though Italy is very much known for their fashion they are also known in the field of sports. The favorite sport of Italians is soccer in which they usually excel in Eurogames, they had plenty of achievements in soccer but that is not only the sport that the country is known for.

Italy’s basketball achievements as well as basketball contribution are one of the most popular description of the country. When a person says Italy in the field of basketball people usually say “ahh one of the Founder of FIBA.” They are often named as that because they are one of the countries who is the reason of the spreading of the sport in the world.

Italy has been aware of basketball a long time ago they were even one of the first countries to know and play the game. They were introduced to basketball when the Men’s Sana Athletic club of Siena played basketball in Italy in late 1980s. Since then Italians had embraced the said sport and started learning the basic rules of the game.

The Italians started playing in amateur levels which made the basketball’s popularity boost. The reigning of the sport became more popular when the American Troops entered in Italy during the World War I.

Because Italy is one of the first few countries who was aware of the sport the country became one of the founders of many associations in basketball. Italy was known for being one of the founders of FIBA too and since then they started to make history in the said field in terms of international matters.

Italy was indeed involved in the spreading of basketball in the world. In the 1919 Italy had participated in the first ever international basketball tournament which is the Inter-Allied Games against France and United States.

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The debut of Italian national basketball team in the Olympic game started when basketball was introduced as an Olympic sport they participated in that Olympics and was one of the twenty-three nations who joined. During that Olympics they ranked seventh which is considered as one of the first Italy’s Basketball Achievements.

Here are some of the Italy’s Basketball Achievements:

It is the national basketball team which represents Italy in international competitions, the team is administered by the Federazione Italian Pallacanestro or in English Italian Basketball Federation.

The Italian National Basketball team has won 2 Gold medals, 4 Silver medals and 4 bronze medals at the European Championship and has won 2 medals at the Olympic games. The team was able to participate in 33 European Championships, 8 world Championships and 11 Olympic Games. One of the Italy’s Basketball Achievements which they are very known for is that they are the one who won more Eurobasket medals than any other country that has competed in the league.


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