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Isaac Austin Bio

Isaac Edward “Ike” Austin is a former professional basketball player of United States.

He was born on August 18, 1969 in Gridley city located in state California. Austin was a very famous player of basketball in his professional career. Isaac was a superstar in his entire professional career. He was a professional player of basketball who has played basketball all over the world in many teams and in many organized basketball leagues.

He was a strong basketball player with a height of six feet and ten inches and weight of about 116 kilo grams or 255 lbs. Isaac started his professional career in 1991 and his career was ended in 2004.

He was a very shining player of basketball in his entire career in NBA and in other basketball leagues. He was also a good player of basketball in his college. Isaac played his college basketball in Kings River Community College and in Arizona State University. Isaac started his educational career in a school. He was a student of Las Plumas High School.

During his school life Isaac was very much interested in basketball. He was a brilliant player in his school career. Isaac played for his school’s basketball team. His performance in his schools team was very impressive.

His performance made him an important player of his school’s basketball team. Isaac joined a college after his school studies. He was selected in his college’s basketball team because he was a good player in his school life. Isaac was also selected in college’s basketball team due to his born talent in basketball.

His performance in hi college’s team made him an important player of basketball in his team. He started his professional career in NBA when he was selected by Utah Jazz in 1991 NBA draft. He played his professional basketball at center position and was retired in 2004.


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