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Irish Basketball Coach

A basketball coach is a great key to have a great performance for any game.

In sports, not only basketball needs to have a coach. Many sports rely in the intellect of a good coach. Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer, Football and any other games in the field even Boxing and Badminton singles has a coach. This is the truth in the field of sports.

If one does not have a coach or even an assistant coach, the team will only put into trouble. A team which is composed of 2 or more players will have a problem whereas; there will be no game plan, or any superior that these players will look up to. Therefore, chaos in the team will be probably seen as a future risk.

Basketball is one of the numerous team sports which need the help of a coach. In Ireland, basketball is a booming sport. In basketball, the practice is to acquire a coach who is a former basketball player and have a great career record during his or her professional basketball years. Some people also assume two roles: one, as a basketball player and two, as the coach, which is referred to as the playing coach.

One of the most famous Ireland Basketball Coaches is Jay Larranaga.

Larranaga is an Irish basketball player who is a player and also a manager for the Ireland National Men’s Basketball Team. He is a notable player and coach who have also played for the Italian Juvacaserta Basket Team. He is also the current head coach of the team Erie BayHawks for the NBA D-League.

His career started as a college basketball player for the Bowling Green Falcons. He was playing with Antonio Daniels. Because of his great talent in this sport, Jay was asked to move to Italy to play for the Viola Reggio Calabria team. After a while he moved again to Greece to play for the 1998-1999 Peristeri BC Season. In the year 2000, Jay once again moved to France to play for the ASVEL Villeurbanne. During those times he was asked to join the French All-Star game where he won.

After some time, he then moved back to Italy and re-joined with his former team Viol Reggio Calabria and Pallacanestro Virtus Baloncesto. He also went back to Spain in the year 2005 to play for the Real Madrid Baloncesto where he and his team prevailed in the Spanish National Championship. In the year 2008, Jay was then announced as the new playing coach of the Ireland Basketball Team.

At the age of 36, leading the Ireland Basketball team as the Official head coach is really a big challenge for Larranaga. He has apparently been on the side of Cleveland Cavaliers senses, but since he was then offered of this very great opportunity being the new head coach of the Ireland’s representative, he accepted the challenge therefore replacing the former head coach, John Treloar.

Larranaga is now one of the most sought after player and coach in the history of Ireland Basketball. The success of this team will not only depend on him but with the dedication of all the people around the post of Ireland Basketball team.


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